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Dirk's Good Seasonings!

Dirk's Good Seasonings! Rattlesnake Salt, Tuscan Rosemary Salt, and Thyme for Salt were carefully created to augment the recipes in Dirk's cookbook Just Good Food for good friends. Cooks using Dirk's seasonings have discovered they are good for nearly everything! Everything from eggs to rack of lamb to wild salmon or to doctor up a can of tuna. 

One user said in a note: "We use your seasonings on, stuffed hamburgers, omelets, grilled chicken, skate fish, just about anytime we turn on the oven, stove, microwave or grill. About the only thing we haven't tried your seasonings on is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I was excited to discover you now have a rub as well. We will be trying that tonight. Thanks for your great book and products."

Please learn about our seasonings. Each seasoning listed below has a sample recipe for you to try as well.