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Dirk's Good Seasonings! Seasoned Salts and Rub

Dirk's Good Seasonings! is the result of Dirk's life-long passion for cooking, entertaining, and sharing his knowledge with others teaching cooking classes. An invitation to Dirk's table is a special treat. Now Dirk is sharing his recipes and, perhaps most important, the secrets to great dishes, his seasonings. 

Add delicious flavor to every serving using Dirk's appetizing blends of herbs, spices, and salts, everything thing you need to make food tastier. 

Dirk's Good Seasonings! offers three distinct seasonings:

Dirk's cookbook, Just Good Food for good friends, is now in its 5th printing. A second cookbook is due out soon. 

Dirk's newest treat is his Savory Grilling Rub, a must-have for great grilling!